Elect Robert Buxbaum for Water Commissioner

Endorsed by L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland county executive,
and by John McCulloch, drain commissioner from 2001-2012.

Elect an Engineer

Personal: I'm a 61 year- old, professional engineer, married with 3 children. I taught engineering at Michigan State, run an engineering comany, REB Research, and think I could do a better job than the current fellow.

Elect an engineer to: Avoid floods like in 2014; stop the pollution of our lakes and beaches; provide clean water at a reasonable price, and keep our contractors honest.

Primary results: Dem. /Nash 63,892 votes
vs Rep. /Buxbaum 75,127 votes.

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E-mail: buxbaum@electbuxbaum.com
Visit our sewerage treatment plants
Separate the sewers
Follow the feces.
Interview with C. Proxmire, OC115
Photos from visit to South Lyon WWTP
Photos from visit to Walled Lake WWTP

Weirs for living rivers and beautiful storm control.

Avoid floods with wetlands and separated sewers.

A brief biography.
Campaign faceoff article. The incumbant's ethical entanglements
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More endorsers: The Red Run Blog, Save Lake St. Clair, David Klein, famous plumber.
The song of the CEBu (it's a sort-of water buffalo) and the song of the sewer.

A CEBÚ is a sort-of water buffalo and an abreviation for "Committee to Elect Buxbaum".
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